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April 2013 – Week 3


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  • Early Closure- 30th April from 1.10pm for all years except Year 10 due to Year 10 Parent’s Consultation.
  • Please find the updated IB/GCE/IGCSE/GCSE May/June 2013 exam timetable …here.
  • Dress Green Day – 19th April
  • Early Closure for Year 7-9  – April 18th. Students will return home after lesson 4. The senior school will remain for the Senior Awards ceremony from 2pm – 4.30pm.
  • Year 11 Dinner Dance – Thursday 25th April from 7pm at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel.
  • Year 11 Early Closure – Y11 students to leave school at lunch.
  • Raffle Draw to be held at the Spring Fair on Friday April 12th at 9pm. Pls click here for more details.
  • Anyone who knows me may be aware of the fact that I  have a habit of putting things down and forgetting where they are.  I share this problem with a fairly large number of students which is highlighted by the number of phones and other pieces of equipment which can be found in the lost property draw in the school office. With so many laptops in school  this has the potential of being a costly mistake and unfortunately there is occasionally the risk of someone walking off with the computer.  You may already be aware that Apple products have a piece of software called  ”Find my phone “ which can be installed on your Mac, iPhone or Ipad. This software allows you to trace the location of the device or to even lock it down should it fall into the wrong hands. There are also equivalent pieces of software for PCs’ . One example of this can be found at which allows you to perform similar tracking of your PC. You can even store the app on your phone to allow you to trace your PC. It would be a good idea to consider installing this kind of software on your  students computer just in case. – Kevin Lester.

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