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A Day with the Stars! Volunteering at The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones Celebrity Screening


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On Saturday 31st August, myself, Jessica Tham and Hagan Law volunteered to help out with a special celebrity screening of the exciting new movie –The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones. The screening was coordinated by creative charity FilmAid Asia, a non-profit organisation which educated and empowers through the medium of film.

We gained valuable event experience supporting the red carpet event and post-screening celebratory dinner. We even worked with sponsor Hugo Boss in the distribution of marketing materials – a truly valuable experience.

No doubt, the main highlight of the evening was the attendance of special guest celebrities: Godfrey Gao and Jamie Campbell Bower who play the characters of Magnes Bane and Jace Wayland in the movie. In addition, the screening and red carpet were well attended by media (as well as screaming teenage girls!). There was a massive and enthusiastic local crowd as well as audience members who flew from as far as from Japan to attend the event.

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The event was a major success, with over 600 tickets being sold and over 200 donated Project Share which gave underprivileged children the opportunity to see the movie and meet their idols. Proceeds generated also went towards funding for FilmAid’s various projects which address important issues such as human trafficking, disease prevention and land mine awareness at a grassroots level.

What made the event a truly memorable experience for Hong Kongers though, was the rare and once in a lifetime chance of witnessing actors coming all the way from the film capital of the world – Hollywood to visit and support an amazing cause. As an individual, I had never experienced anything like that before Saturday, so it was great working with FilmAid and their additional sponsors as well as getting to know how down-to-earth and friendly the actors themselves are by volunteering their time for such a great charity. We were also thrilled to meet and be thanked by Jamie and Godfrey in front of the entire cinema audience for our efforts!

We, along with the Hong Kong crowd, are looking forward to welcoming Godfrey and Jamie back to Hong Kong for the next installment of the trilogy!

By Amando Ho, 13N

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