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Island School Volunteers Take Part in Charity Soapathon


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During the half term break Wilberforce students were invited to take part in a SOAPATHON in order to support our house charity Hands on Hong Kong who coordinated volunteers for the charity Soap Cycling.

Wilberforce House supports Hands on Hong Kong by both raising money for the charity ( lasted year we donated $40,000) but also taking part where possible in their projects which require volunteers to take action. Many of the volunteer opportunities are limited to students aged 16+ so this Soapathon was a good opportunity for some of our younger students to take part as well.

At the event students  helped to prepare, sort, scrape and package soap donated by hotels for recycling and distribution to underprivileged families and schools in disadvantaged communities around the world, particularly in Asia. This session was  part of Hong Kong’s first “Soapathon”, a four day event running from 11 to 14 October to mark Global Handwashing Day on 15 October. Over the 4 days the  aim was to get 500 volunteers giving two hours each to recycle a total of 3400kg of soap. This is approximately 85,000 bars – enough soap for 7,000 people for an entire year.

As you can see from the pictures Kaela-Mei Townson (9W) and Esther Clement  (9R) willingly gave their time and met up with other like minded volunteers of all ages and professions to actually take meaningful action. Next year we hope that Wilberforce House has volunteers across the whole four day event.

Kate Sommerville , Senior Head of House, Wilberforce House

soap2     soap1

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