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B Grade Hockey Team

On Thursday afternoon the B Grade Hockey Team ( Years 10 and 11), despite reduced numbers and a missing goal keeper, were victorious in the HKSSF B Grade inter- school tournament at Happy Valley. The team has played extremely well all term and should be proud of their achievements and fantastic sportsmanship. The team has developed into a determined, cohesive and supportive group and it has been a pleasure coaching them this year. Next year they will move to play  A grade hockey alongside our Year 12s and 13s.

Emily Mantle was an excellent captain on Tuesday and kept the team motivated and determined. The player of the tournament was Niamh Neville who was relentless in running down the opposition and making attacking opportunities.

The Team was made up of :

Andrea Chin 10F, Jemma Keefe 10D, Heena Kothari 11E, Hana Sommerville 10E, Ada Ytterdal 10E, Emily Mantle 10R, Niamh Neville 10W, Serena Fearn 10W, Emma Davis 10W and Noa Horowitz.
Well done!

Mrs Sommerville

B Grade Hockey Coach

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