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WANBO Colour Run


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On the 13th of November Island School’s student led environmental team, WANBO,  hosted their very own “Colour Run”. This was a 4km run along Bowen Road in which participants were doused in coloured powder. The event was held in order to raise money for a diverse range of environmental charities, ranging from the CAN (Clean Air Network) to WWF. As a student led group, WANBO understood how difficult it is as a student to reach out and initiate fundraising for a particular charity on your own. So they gave participants the opportunity to raise funds for their own individual environmental passions. On arrival students were asked to write their chosen charity on a leaf-shaped cut out, along with their donation money.

Luckily it was a pleasant afternoon, perfect for a group of enthusiastic students, raring to go. Marshalls were stationed along the route with help from local police to ensure safety. At each kilometre interval, powder was thrown on the runners, safe to say the participants once white shirts were white no more. The students ended the run as a wave of colour; a mix of red, green blue, yellow and pink. For the event’s first run, it was an incredibly enjoyable afternoon filled with lots of laughter and fun, all whilst raising funds for some amazing causes! WANBO hopes to continue their creative fundraising throughout this school year and to build on Island School students’ environmental awareness and passions.

By Phoebe Cummins (12F)

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