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This Week’s Arts News


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  photo(2)(1) photo(3)(1)
Year 13 IB Visual Arts students recently visited SCAD HK. They were very impressed with the building and architectural features of the former magistrates court in Kowloon. Following a guided tour of the building, they visited some of the current exhibitions in the Moot Gallery. The remainder of the day was spent absorbing the atmosphere of the art school and engaging in their own project work.
 Year 11 GCSE students and Year 13 IB Visual Arts Students attended a one day workshop with British Fine Artist Ian Murphy.
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A number of Year 7 and Year 8 students entered the competition organised by the Australian Consulate. The brief was to design a card to show how Christmas may be celebrated in the midst of an Australian Summer.
Winners attended an awards ceremony at the Fringe Club by the Consul- General Mr Paul

Congratulations to the following Island School students:

First prize runner up: Kareena Kothari 7E
Merit awards to: Raina Gidwani 7E, Megan Man 7E, Christie Chong 8E.

Special Mention to : Harry Banham 7N, Arjun Mukherjea 7N

The Art Department would like to thank all students who participated and for the high standard of entries received.

Kareena Kothari - 7E

Kareena Kothari 7E

Megan  Man - 7E

Megan Man  7E

Raina  Gidwani - 7E
Raina Gidwani 7E
Christie Chong - 8E
Christie Chong 8E
Arjun Mukherjea - 7N
Arjun Mukherjea  7N
Harry Banham - 7N(1)
Harry Banham 7N

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