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World Scholars Cup’s Yale Tournament of Champions


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Our marvelous journey started off when we first participated in the World Scholars Cup competition in the regional round in Hong Kong. World Scholars Cup is known to be one of the most prestigious competition for students throughout the world to compete against. It consists of 4 main competitions: The Scholar’s Bowl (a team quiz), the Scholar’s Challenge (an individual exam), the Debate and a Collaborative Writing task. In teams of three we had to work as a group in learning this year’s World Scholar’s Cup subjects relating to the theme: ‘The World In Motion’, and we had to work as a team to qualify to the global round, where all the scholars who did well in the regional rounds compete and have one of their greatest times with a lot of fun but at the same time a lot of pressure!

Our journey started off in the regional round of Hong Kong when we worked hard to do well and managed to get several medals, leading to a qualification to the global round along with another group of girls from our school: Jenny Kang, Myu Inoue and Felicia Lee. The next part of our journey was the Global Round in Dubai, where we had a great time with scavenger hunts, social times and of course the 4 main competitions that would be reason why we would make it to the finals. The Yale Tournament of Champions of the World Scholars’ Cup was the final phase where the top 100 teams from the junior and senior divisions from the global round compete against each other for the title.

Of course, we had doubts on the chances of getting into Yale. Arundhati who won several individual medals achieved the third highest score the in the Scholar’s Challenge. However, this time in Yale, all we expected was to have fun and walk away from the campus with our participation certificates, as all we expected to get was to have a awe inspiring experience.

Surprisingly, after three days of hard work, we had one of the biggest shocks of our lives. As the only team in the world representing Hong Kong from the Junior division, we thought an award was far from our reach. Little did we know that we had come 1st place in the Scholar’s Bowl! Not only did we win the Scholars Bowl, but Arundhati won several Scholar’s Challenge medals. And with the support of Eugene and Rushabh, we earned the title of the 19th best team in the Junior Division and came top 10th team for the challenge. Rushabh was also honorably mentioned as the top overall scorer of the team. But medals don’t provide our success. It’s the experience that brings the success and happiness to us. We as a team are proud. We may not be the best team. We may not be the best of scholars and we may not be the most talented writers or speakers. But there is one thing we know for sure: we made our school and ourselves proud.

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by Arundhati Mukherjea, Eugene Wong and Rushabh Bohra


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