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ESF Spanish Speech Competition


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The First ESF Spanish Speech Competition took place at Island School on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th June. In attendance were students, parents and teachers from Discovery College, KGV, Renaissance College, Shatin College, South Island School, West Island School and Island School. There were five categories of competition. Students had to memorise an extract of a literary text in Spanish and recite it out loud in front of an audience and 14 judges. The judges scored the students on their performances. There was music in Spanish, sung by Niamh Neville and Parisa Wootton, and the whole event was presented by Year 12 Island School students Sherina Jhunjhnuwala, Aakarsh Bhatnagar and Tiffany Ip.

Competition Results:
D grade: 1st place: Edward Hudson (West Island School)
C grade: 1st place: Malhaar Vora (KGV)
B grade: 1st place: Noa Horowitz (Island School)
A grade: 1st place: Lauren Bennett (Island School)
Group competition: 1st place: West Island School
Overall competition winners: Island School

This means that we will be hosting the event again next year.

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