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Island School Delegates at the Banking Environment Initiative


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Eight Island School students (see names below) represented the younger generation at the Banking Environment Initiative (BEI) Forum at the Marriott Hotel today. The initiative was set up by major banks and the University of Cambridge four years ago to investigate and create ways so that banks can work with government agencies, investors and corporations to address environmental issues.

The forum included seniors from all the stakeholders in this initiative, looking at the issues from all sides. The keynote address was from Anthony Jenkins, CEO of Barclays, who welcomed our students and spoke with them in a private discussion after his speech.

The Island School students were delegates to the forum on equal status with their experienced adult partners and contributed to the discussions. They will be writing their report on the initiative, which will be included in the BEI report as well as publicised through the Island School website.

Island School is honoured of be the first school to be invited to join this initiative and grateful for the wonderful opportunity these students have been given.

Student Delegates:

  1. Aran Rana (12E)
  2. Phoebe Cummins (12F)
  3. Janice Leung (12D)
  4. Lauren Bennett (12R)
  5. Andrea Chin (10F)
  6. Jonathan Fan (10W)
  7. Jason Mak (12N)
  8. Janice Chui (13D)

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