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Elections to the ESF Board


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Dear Parents,

There are currently elections underway to select four parents to join the board of ESF. The board is the key policy making body in ESF, and particularly important for us at Island School in the next few years with the development of a new school and the intervening decant.

At the moment, the board is committed to maintaining and improving all aspects: facilities, resources and staffing to make sure that the educational standards are maintained or even improved during the decant. They are also committed to funding an exciting new state of the art school. In the coming years, this will require some difficult decisions regarding funding and priorities, and we are very fortunate to have a member of the Island School community, Scarlett Matouli, stand for election to the board.

Although, of course, I cannot tell you who to vote for, these elections are important for our community so please do vote and mobilise your friends to vote too!

All ballot papers must be submitted directly to ESF Centre – either by hand or post. It is important to remember that EACH parent gets a vote and, if you have students at more than one ESF school, you may be eligible to have more than one vote (detailed instructions are included in the ballot papers). Ballot papers are currently being distributed and the deadline for submission is 5pm on Thursday 18th September.

Mr Chris Binge

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