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Island School Beach Cleanup 2014


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The Island School Beach Cleanup team consists of many environmentally conscious and devoted students. Our main objective is to protect the environment by regularly clearing hazardous waste material from local beaches. Littering is not only an unhygienic practice, but it also affects the local ecosystem as many artificial materials do not decompose. In fact, toxic chemicals are released, which not only taints the habitats of many animals, but also the very food that you put in your mouth every day. This does not only concern you and me, but also the future generation. Isn’t it time for us to change?

We believe that helping clean the environment is a very worthy cause, since it is an essential first step to restoring damaged habitats of local organisms.

Fortunately, many students have realized that this is a significant global issue, and consequently decided to take action by joining our regular clean up sessions. As inhabitants of the world, everyone has a duty to be environmentally considerate.

In the future, we strive to take our goal one step further by involving the wider community in our activities, gathering as much support as possible from the local community. Every session counts. You can make a difference. Be the change.

Shing Chun Yu (12W)

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