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Update on Buses Tomorrow 7 October and Schedule for Wednesday 8 October


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Dear Parents
Thank you for your forbearance over the modified bus schedule today and for understanding the need to close the school early. Everything went smoothly considering the situation.

I would like to reassure parents that no student absence has been recorded as such today, unless parents wrote to us to state that their child was absent for another reason apart from Occupy Central and associated travel problems.

Just to let you know that despite some requests from parents to defer the departure times for the bus departures from Pier 3 to 7:00am in the mornings, the bus company is reluctant to comply as they claim that the traffic build up is so quick in that short time that it causes many delays and a much longer journey time. Having said that, the buses will leave at 6:40am tomorrow 7th of October as per the SMS messages that have been sent to you.

I apologise for this as I know it will inconvenience some of you still. Please understand that we are trying our best to organise a supportive transport system in these difficult times.

The scheduled Year 13 Parent Consultation will go on as planned on Wednesday 8th of October. The school day will end at 1:10pm and buses will leave at that time; the Year 13 appointments then start at 2:00pm.

The school will close at 2:10pm on Tuesday 7th October


Gareth Stevens
Vice Principal

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