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Nansen House Biathlon


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On the 23rd of September 2014, the whole of Nansen house gathered to participate in the annual biathlon. The Nansen biathlon is in remembrance of Amy Coxall and Gui Vezzaro, who both sadly passed away in 2010 and it is an event to raise proceeds that will be passed to the Nansen charity account. The day could not have been better with clear blue skies and with a beautiful sun drenching Island School. All of the Nansen staff and students were raring to go to run to second pagoda and back, or to plunge into the refreshing pool, or even, in some cases, to complete the whole biathlon individually!

There were some outstanding performances from all of the years. In year 7 Koki and Travis were the fastest pair arriving in a great time of 23:03, with Koki running to second pagoda and back prior to Travis swimming 8 lengths. From Year 8-13, the running distance was also to second pagoda and back however the swim was now 16 lengths. The fastest pair was Adrian and Rohit, both in 13N, coming in a time of 20:28. The fastest runner was Adrian (13N) with a fantastic time of 14:20 but was closely followed by Mr. Irwin who had a time of 14:30. The fastest swimmer was Ravi (12N) who completed 400 meters in 5:52. Godfrey (12N) was the fastest individual completing the whole biathlon in a phenomenal time of 23:12. The winner of the best-dressed competition was Paris (7N) who dressed up as “supergirl.”

A special thanks to 12N, particularly June Lin, King Or and Maxine Scharzenberger for organising the event.

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