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Year 7 Camp Reminders


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Dear Parents

We hope that your children are looking forward to Camp and that the packing has begun. Please find attached the packing list sent previously and the overview of the camp schedule – please bear in mind that timings are approximate but this should give you a nice overview of where your child will be during the week and what they will be doing.

KIT_LIST Students

We have been waiting for the bus company to decide pick up times next week before sending out the Friday information. Now that we have that decision this is the plan for Friday 7th:


Leave Camp
12.30pm – 1.00pm
Arrive at Island School. Students go to Main Hall to be handed over to parents. Please wait in the Main Hall otherwise the traffic situation can be challenging and children not properly signed off by their teachers.
Students are to be collected in the Main Hall by parents except those taking the bus home.


School buses home

If you wish your child to make their own way home or you wish to pick up your child from Camp please email me at with the name and House of your child.

The weather looks good for next  week but cooler in the evenings so we will be able to make the most of the outdoors.
Polite reminder: please do not allow your child to bring any electronic goods include mobile phones to Camp.


Kate Sommerville

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