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Year 9 Sex Education


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Dear Parents

We believe that young people should have the opportunity to understand about the physical and emotional changes they experience in adolescence, and to be healthy, happy and safe in the choices they make with regard to sexual behaviours. Whilst we are aware that parents can be best placed to have these conversations with their children, we are equally aware that the school also has a role to play. Indeed some of our older students have recently said that they prefer to learn about and discuss these personal issues at school.

In Year 9 Tutor Time there has been a considerable focus on growing up, changing relationships and dealing positively with the conflicts that can ensue. We will now be moving on to a stronger emphasis on Sex Education. This will be supported on Tuesday the 2nd of December with a full day delivered by a team of Island School staff and our school nurse Kiera Sims. The aims of this programme are as follows:

To develop:

  • Understanding of personal physical and emotional changes
  • Understanding of others’ personal physical and emotional changes
  • Understanding of sexual practices and how to be safe in relation to these
  • Openness in talking about oneself and in seeking support
  • Rights and responsibilities of young people with regard to themselves and others

At the end of the afternoon session, your child will be given three booklets  – “4 Boys,” “4 Girls” and “Relationships”- (from the UK Family Planning Association) to support their understanding. You will see that they are quite graphic in presentation but extremely informative and ‘user friendly’. Students who have been shown them have said they consider them to be appropriate and useful.

On the full day, the students will have educational workshops on contraception, sexually transmitted infections, peer pressure, sexting and negotiating situations.

If you have any further questions regarding this don’t hesitate to contact me at Island School.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Campbell

Wellbeing Coordinator

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