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Baiwan Junior Prom on 28 November


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Dear Parents,

Please be informed that your child has been cordially invited to the annual Baiwan Junior Prom held on the 28th of November, next Friday from 6 to 8pm.

The Baiwan Junior Prom is an annual event that fundraises for the Baiwan Charity, a philanthropic organisation which has had a strong connection with Island School since 1998. Baiwan is a rural village, situated in Northern Guangdong Province of China, in which many low income families face meager living conditions and children only receive up to a middle-school standard of education. As you may know, Island School visits Baiwan each year, during Quest Week and the summer holiday, for students to teach English to the Baiwan children. Through fundraising, the Baiwan Charity provides scholarships that allow underprivileged students access a free high-school level of education and to improve the impoverished living circumstance in Baiwan families.

The prom will be a night of fun with an admission fee of $80 per person, including free dinner, live music, games, ice cream and prizes. Rest assured, there are buses to Pier 3 after the event.

In order to make this event successful, please encourage your child to join the Baiwan Junior Prom, in light of supporting the children and families in Baiwan.

Thank you for your kind consideration. Feel free to contact us at ( or whatsapp/telephone 9852 3128.


Best Regards,

Isabella Kong, Lucius Hatherly and Nathan Yung

Heads of the Baiwan Charity Committee

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