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Lord’s Kitchen’s Blue Butcher Charity Burger Sale


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In this week’s lesson Blue Butcher chefs came into school to help sell burgers for the Masarang Charity. Pupils had been trained how to prepare the fillings and cook the burgers last week, so it was all about team work and mass production this week. Once all the salad prep was done and the burger buns were toasted, the class was split into two – a team for the playground and a team in the classroom. The classroom team had to cook 2/3’s of the buns and had a really good production line going on, whilst the playground team was cooking the rest on the outdoor grill and selling all the burgers.


It was a very hectic hour of selling where 172 burgers were sold, raising $6500 for the charity and even though there were a couple of unforeseen hiccups, everyone really pulled together to ensure this was a major success and gave pupils a really valuable experience into the catering industry.

Pupils were then really happy to recieve a gift bag from the Blue butcher (Maximal Concepts), with a T-shirt, certificate and meal voucher-  So once again thank-you very much to the whole team involved.


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