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Lord’s Kitchen School Lunches


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In this week Lord’s Kitchen we had our large scale catering activity to provide a selection of dishes to students and staff for their lunches as a sit down meal in the main hall. We split the class into 4 groups, with 3 students in charge of front of house and the 3 groups of 5 students making each of the menu options (see below), leaving Jason Lin (last year’s senior Masterchef winner) as the head chef in charge of the rest of the kitchen. We sold about 100 portions and feedback was amazing, with many students asking for this to be a regular event and have the hall available for sit down dining in the future.


– MEAT –

Chicken Schnitzel – served with Coleslaw – Salad

*Contains dairy products

– FISH –

Seafood Paella – Red pepper – Prawns – Scallops –

White fish

*Contains shellfish


Tomato Herb Cream Penne – Mushrooms – Red

Pepper – Olives

*Contains dairy products

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Mr. Chris Lord

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