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Reference Request Procedure


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Dear Parents,

It is the time of year when some families are considering moving on from Island School for a variety of reasons. We are aware that in an international community our families move round the world. As a result we are asked for references for children who have made an application to join a school in another country. We are keen to provide as complete a picture of each child as we can, but this takes time. Therefore we ask that you comply with the following procedures so that we can do the best possible job.

Please provide us with the earliest warning and the most complete information. We are trying to avoid a situation when a surprise contact is made for a reference to be returned  with a short deadline and no knowledge of this student’s intention to leave.

  • Please contact the Head of House or Senior Head of House to alert them to the possibility of your child/children leaving. We realise that in many cases parents consider this option and then decide to stay here, but we would still like to be warned.
  • Once you submit an application to any school, or once you know you are going to submit one, please contact the S/HOH again so that they can start to get the data together.
  • Please be aware that the production of a reference can take up to two weeks, so the more notice the better.
  • When you contact us about this, we would be very grateful for a brief outline of the reasons for the transfer.

Please note that our references are completed using the Island School Student Reference Template, which is based on the best features of all the reference forms we see from other schools. The contents of a student’s reference are confidential as schools, in general, request this.

Thank you for taking these steps into consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Binge


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