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66th HK Speech Festival 2014


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Speech FestivalWe are happy to congratulate Island School students who took part in the recent Hong Kong Speech Festival. Some have already had the success reported in the newsletter. For those who have not, we are happy to print their names here:

  • Jasmine Boitnott
  • Yuk Ming Cheung
  • Wun Chung Ho
  • Cherise Leung
  • Victor Tam
  • Valerie Lee
  • Vedika Vittamchandani
  • Bakhita Fung
  • Jefferson Cheung

Capture2The So You Want To Be An Actor Elements course running on Thursdays in semester 1 took part in the senior Thematic Speaking Category. They were delighted to win this category with their performance of “The Monster Within” with 89 points. Programme notes can be downloaded here: SYWTBAA Programme

  • Lucy Acheson
  • Esha Gidwani
  • Saffron Goldsworthy
  • Noemi Hatterer
  • Max Hui
  • Conor Kent
  • Isabel Leenknegt
  • Bryony Morgan
  • Jasmine Pinfold
  • Sabrina Shaik Ismail
  • Aryani Singh
  • George Taffs
  • Darius Tam
  • Shaun Tan
  • Kohana Wilson
  • Jake Yeung
  • Maggie Yueh
  • Kim Grisdale

Further successes belong to:

Jefferson Cheung

  • 1st runner up in English Solo verse speaking (secondary boys)
  • 2nd runner up of the English Shakespeare Monologue (age under 15)
  • Merit in Putonghua Solos prose speaking

Bakhita Fung

  • Second in Solo Verse Speaking Secondary 3 Girls (18th November, 90 marks)
  • First in Public Speaking Solo Secondary 3 and 4 (29th November, 89 marks)

Victor Tam

  • Second in Public Speaking Solo event.

Valerie Lee

  • 80 marks in Speech Festival

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