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Parents’ Help Requested for Island Time Truth and Lies


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Dear Parents

Students in Year 8 are studying the concept of truth and how we decide if a claim is true. In Year 7, they worked on basic ways of knowing and their own personal truth decisions. In Year 8, we move on to Truth in a Hong Kong context.

The idea is that professionals who work in Hong Kong, in an area where finding out, or deciding if something is true is part of their work, are interviewed by our students. In past years, we have had lawyers, police, journalists, scientists, doctors and ICAC investigators. The students will ask questions about why deciding on truth is important, how you make those decisions and what evidence do you bring to bare on the problem. There is no preparation required for the professionals.

This exercise has been so valuable for our students in setting their learning in a real context. Other aspects of the the Truth programme are a bit more theoretical as they explore the concepts of Justice, Bias, Ethics among others, but it is the interviews that make them see that these are real considerations for real people. They then use this understanding in writing a research paper in an area of controversy.

This year, we are holding the interviews at Island School on the morning of 21st April. The programme would be an introduction over coffee at 8.45, followed by two interviews with small groups, and a round up session to be finished by 11am.

We would be very grateful if any parents or friends, working in any area where truth decisions are important, could join us for the morning. Please reply to me to let me know if you can afford the time to come in. I will need a short biography, or a link to something about the professional, so the students can prepare their questions.

It is a great opportunity to see what we are doing in the lower school, and to meet some of our wonderful students.

Chris Binge

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