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Year 7 Humanities Trip – 5 March 2015


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Dear Parent/Guardian of Year 7 Humanities Students,

Year 7 Humanities students will be going on a trip to Tai O, Lantau on Thursday 5th March 2015 to investigate the history of the village.

On the day of the trip students should come to school dressed in house colours. Students will register on the block 5 playground with their Humanities teacher. We would ask that all students come to school as normal on that day.

A packed lunch will be needed, at least 1.5 litres of drinking water and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.  A digital camera will also be useful.

Students will return to Hong Kong Island leaving Tai O at 1.45pm. There will be three drop off points for the students with the first being in Tung Chung at approximately 2.30pm, the second will be at Pier 3 at approximately 3.10pm before finally returning to school at 3.30 pm (after the school buses have left).

On the reply slip (attached below), please could you indicate which drop off point you would like your son/daughter to be dismissed from. Should no option be ticked or your child does not return the form they will be brought back to Island School. Because of the accurate timings required we are unable to wait at any of the drop off locations for student collection. Please return the parental reply slip to your son/daughter’s Humanities teacher prior to the trip.

Trip Reply Slip

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bentham

Head of Individuals & Societies

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