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Gecko Maths 2015


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Last Friday 27th of February, 63 Year 6 and Year 7 students competed in the annual Gecko Maths competition. There were two teams from each of DBIS, BHS, PS, GS and BS as well as one team from each of the Y7 IS form class. At the end of the 40-minute contest, team one of the Peak School and 7R both scored 19 points. Peak School then defeated 7R at the tie-break and became the champion. The following pictures show Ms Wathall, Head of Maths, with the champion team and the runner-up. The champion team consisted of Kate Chan, Ree Nie Kong, Zoee Nocom and Eugen Law. The runner-up consisted of Bhuvan Arora, Ringo Teahan and Rochelle Pun.

Katherine Chiu

Maths teacher

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  1. E Teahan says:

    Well done.You must be very proud of the efforts of all.

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