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Help Needed: Cooking Classes During Quest Week 2015


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Dear Parents,

I am writing to you for help. I am trying to put together a Quest Week option which involves cooking. I know that amongst our parent-body, we have a huge resource of men and women who are involved in cooking either professionally or as homemakers.

My aim is to put together a group of parents who will run cooking classes from Monday to Thursday of the 1st week of November 2015. Teachers/instructors may use a full or half day and will be teaching in the Food Technology rooms at Island School.

On Friday that week, I propose that all the young cooks will prepare a ‘banquet buffet’ for their parents who will be invited to join them for the evening. I envisage an evening of great food, perhaps some wine and nice music. Students will also be invited to speak briefly about their dishes – a bit of background and method, etc.

I need help in two ways.

Firstly, if you would be interested in teaching/sharing some of your favourite recipes to a group of 20 students, please get in touch with me. Some parents already have done so. I have had some wonderful offers to demonstrate Indian, Fukien, East African, Goan…and so the list goes on. However, I would love to hear from some Korean, Thai or Vietnamese parents.

Secondly, if you have contacts in the Food and Beverage world and you feel you may be able to help by donating some produce (meat, vegetables, spices etc) or wine, beer and other drinks, then please get in touch so that arrangements can be made for collection.

Please contact me on or call me on 97795914.

Derek Bailey

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