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Rutherford Petition For Moses Akatugba: We Can Save A Life


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Alongside raising money for Amnesty, Rutherford has decided to actively contribute in raising awareness. Starting this week, we are launching a petition campaign for a Nigerian boy named Moses Akatugba. We were made aware of his situation, as he is one of the featured prisoners that Amnesty International is supporting through the Write for Rights campaign. Moses was arrested in November 16th 2005 at the age of 16 under the charge of armed robbery. He has always denied the charge, but was tortured in the interrogation to sign a pre-written confession. When he legally became an adult, he was tried again and it was then decided that he would be sentenced to death. It is now his tenth year in prison. The fact that such a young boy has been seized of his life and rights alone is appalling, but the torture that he has been put through is absolutely, unimaginably agonising as well.

We as a house felt very strongly towards him and decided to write a letter to the governor of Delta State of Nigeria and start petitioning. Once we collect a fair amount of signatures the letter will be the sent to the Nigerian government and we hope that we can leave an impact so that further action can be catalysed to free Moses.

Ceasing these ill – treatment of humans is where our passion as a house lies. Although collecting ample amount of signatures is our tangible aim, Rutherford hopes that we as members of the global community are made aware of what goes on in this world – and what needs to stop.

The petition will be available to sign all through lunchtimes and long break as well as during parent consultations so we urge you to please take action and sign our petition. Please look more into it, discuss it and talk about it. We can save a life.

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