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New Quest Week Website and Sign up for 2015-2016


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Dear Year 8-12 Parents,

Please find below the link to the new Quest Week website for the coming academic year 2015-2016. Quest Week 2015 is during the week of Monday 2nd November to Friday 6th November. Please remember that if you are considering an overseas trip, it is likely that departures may be before the commencement of this week.

The website has all the necessary information to enable you and your child to research and choose an option that you are both happy with. Please remember to consult the options for your child’s Year Group next academic year. i.e. if your child is Y9 now- please look at the Y10 options.  I realise that it is very, very important that your child also consult with friends as well about what they all wish to do during the week.

It is extremely important that you consider that some important external examinations are often scheduled during the first week of November – for more information, please look at the drop down menu under ‘Quest Week’ on the website, and then follow the link to ‘Choosing wisely…’. If your child is likely to need to sit any of these examinations, they should choose a Hong Kong based option.

Your child will be informed via the Bulletin and email of the sign-up process, which will open for the current Y11 and Y12 this Friday 13th March at 8:00pm. This will close on Sunday 15th March at 8:00pm.

Students in Y’s 8 to 10 will be invited to sign-up from Monday 16th March at 8:00pm. This will close on Sunday 22nd March at 8:00pm.

Options are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order to sign-up, your child will have to log-in to the Gateway, go to the Activities pull-down menu and then go to “Activity’. Next they need to go to the tab for ‘Quest Week 2015’. They need to note the times and dates for their Year group’s sign-up.

Kind regards

Derek Bailey

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