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Chess teams battle it out at two day “intense” tournament.


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In an inter-schools’ Chess Tournament, held at Island School on the 27th & 28th March, students used their logic and problem solving skills to win a place on the scoreboard.

Chess player Adrian Chui, 10F, who received 6th place for Board 1 said: “It became more intensive as the tournament went on, and everyone was in it to win. At one point, our A team was in 3rd place after the 5th round. Unfortunately, the prize was just a hair’s breadth away. Had we drawn one of our lost games, we would’ve had a good shot at one of the 6 trophies.”  chess

Team A 10th
Team B 13th
Team C 27th

Adrian said: “We’d like to thank Mr Chou for being an excellent chess instructor, organising the chess teams and supporting us throughout the tournament.”

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