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Knowledge of stem cell research wins Year 12 praise from university


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An in-depth knowledge of stem cell research has won Heena Kothari and Hope Oliver, Year 12, a second place trophy in the Hong Kong University Science Award held at the Sha Tin Science Park on 18th April.heena

The competition included two rounds and twenty teams, in the first round students were asked to present on the ethics of using embryonic stem cells. For the final Heena and Hope debated against other finalists on the topic of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (cloning) and its ethicalness.

The judges made up of university academics congratulated the pair on a great performance. They said: “The delivery of their content was excellent and the students provided some unique and interesting viewpoints. In some sections Heena and Hope scored the highest marks and it was very close in the end.”

Heena said:We thought that it was a wonderful experience, especially since both of us are relatively new to debating. Even though it was extremely scary at first, we learnt to adapt our delivery style to the crowd and be morehope engaging speakers.”

Hope said:We learnt a lot not only from our own research, but also from listening to the other competitors. Talking to the HKU Science faculty also gave us a good insight into what life as a science student would be like at university.”

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