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Personal exploration for IB Maths students


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To demystify the IB Maths Internal Assessment (IA) Year 12 Maths students came together for a day of discussion and critical thinking on 23rd April 2015.mathsday

Curriculum Leader for Mathematics Jennifer Wathall planned the day so that students might gain more insight into the criteria of the IA, which forms 20% of the final grade for IB Maths Studies.

Activities included examining in detail the five parts of the criteria, reading through and discussing possible IA research questions, as well as analyzing and critiquing a sample level 7 IA paper.

Year 12 Maths student Tae Won Kim said;By doing these activities we were able to better understand what is required to obtain the easy and difficult marks out of a maximum of 20. We ended the day by deciding on interesting provisional research topics.”
“A big thank you to the Maths department for organising the day.”

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