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Exams during severe weather conditions


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For those who are concerned about severe weather conditions during exams

Dear parents

We had the first red rainstorm of the year last night so it is possibly a good time to refresh your memory on the exam arrangements under severe weather conditions.

Key points as follows:

– In the event of a Typhoon 8 signal or above, or a Black rainstorm, it is likely that all examinations will be postponed.

– In the event of a Red rainstorm, parents should listen to the radio for announcements about examinations and check the school website. Even though there is a decision to close schools, you must assume that exams will take place unless there is a separate announcement regarding postponement of exams. We depend on the final decision from HKEAA and ESF to see if exams are to continue.

– In the event of postponement, there will be announcements made about re-scheduling. Again, listen to your radio constantly and check the information on the school website.

– In extreme weather please DO NOT phone the school unless it is absolutely necessary.

– Exams will go ahead as scheduled under Typhoon 1 or 3 signal, or an Amber rainstorm.

– Once again all announcements are subject to the decisions made by HKEAA and ESF Exams Group.

Further details can be found in the presentations delivered during the student briefings:

Click on the links below to see exam information.


IB Exams

Please feel free to contact the Exam Office if you have any further questions.

Thanks for your attention

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