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The Big Debate


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The Junior Debate Team tackled topic such as the death penalty and advertising to make it to the Gold & Silver divisions of the Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships.

Seven students represented Island School in the Debating Championships, hosted by South Island School on the 9th May 2015.

The Teams:
Team 1; Victor Tam (8W), Daanyal Ebrahim (8D), Matthew Ling (9D) and Bakhita Fung (9R)
Team 2; Darren Mok (9F), Aayush Batwara (9N) and Chul Soo Ahn (9N)

In the preliminary round, Team 1 competed against three other schools. Bakhita said; “With thorough analysis and preparation, Team 1 triumphed in both prepared motions and qualified for the Silver quarter-finals, won by Wah Yan Kowloon School.”

Team 2 won all three debates in their preliminary round, proceeding to the Gold division. Bakhita; “This was an incredible achievement for a novice debating team’s first entry to the competition.” Team 2 won the quarter-finals and narrowly lost the semi-finals to Saint Pauls Co-educational College.

Bakhita; “Despite not advancing to the Gold Grand Final, Team 2 was very proud to have made it so far in the competition – a strong third place!”

Bakhita; “To qualify for both divisions in a 28 team tournament was no easy job; requiring an immense amount of preparation before-hand, as well as quick thinking in the impromptu motions. After a tiring and long day, all individuals had proved themselves to be hard working, committed and motivated debaters with a passion to think critically and to contribute to a thriving team.”

Within each round the judges chose a Best Speaker which Aayush, Bahkhita and Darren were all awarded. Debaters; Aayush, Bahkita, Darren and Matthew placed within the top-10 speakers for the tournament.

Bakhita; “Both teams could not have done it without the help and mentoring of Lucius Hatherly (12F) and Rafael Pang (12D).”
“On behalf of all junior debaters, we’d like to thank them for their advice, coaching and their time. We would also like to thank Greg Forse (IS alumni) for his contributions to the prepped motions, and we hope to use this experience to develop upon Brian Wong’s (13W) extraordinary debate legacy.”
“The Island School Junior Debate team will strive to accomplish greater successes, continue the passion and their love for debating, for the future tournaments and years to come.”

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