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Graduates told to think big and act now


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Speaking at the graduation of the Class of 2015 Hong Kong’s first internet provider Pindar Wong told students to think big, start small and scale fast. Wong’s empowering presentation quoted amongst others Charles Darwin; “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” His central message was to be brave and act now. Wong a former Island School student excelled at university and started to study a PhD before co-founding Hong Kong’s first licensed internet service provider in 1993. Wong presented the students with their certificates before the senior prefects talked about what it means to be an Island School student.

Kevin Lester Senior Head of Da Vinci House said: “The senior prefects spoke very well as always. Head Boy Joe Hodson talked about the spirit of Island School and ones journey through it. All the Heads and Deputy Heads talked very eloquently about the future and thanked those that have supported then throughout their time here.”

Issy Brown Head Girl said: “Whilst this building won’t physically be here for much longer, the new school that will be built will still be our school.  When we all go off in our separate ways, we will still all be linked.  Yes, we will be able to say we went to school with the future oscar-winning actors and directors, olympic athletes and CEO’s amongst us, but we will also be able to say we are Islanders, which to me is something to be equally proud of.”

Congratulation the graduating Class of 2015!

The following awards were presented to;
Council Awards, Averey CHAN, 13D
Jimmy Kim Awards, Joseph HODSON, 13D
The David J James Award, Teresa McGillivray and Peter HONARVAR
Nan Robertson Prize, Rohit DASWANI, 13N
Chairman’s Awards
Embodying the Island School Spirit Emily TUCK, 13W
Service, Nicolle CHEN, 13E Sport, Katie WATKIN, 13W
Creativity, Claudia THOMSON, 13D
Leadership, Issy BROWN, 13N
Alumnae Prize, Claudia TAM, 13F

Click here to see some photos of the event 

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Password: island2014

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