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Edgey vegies pick up bronze at ESF Masterchef final


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At the ESF Masterchef Final at Sha Tin College, on 9th June, the senior and junior Island School competitors’ freshly cooked vegetarian meals won them third prize.

The challenging brief asked students to make an “edgey vegy” main course and “funky fruit” dessert in 1h 45mins. Kaela Mei Townson in the senior round made raw, vegan zucchini lasagna with basil pesto and macadamia cheese followed by a vegan chocolate and avocado mousse.

Chiara Dadamo and Avantika Malhotra worked together in the Junior around to make pineapple curry with rice and an avocado chocolate mousse with sweet potato truffles.

Head of Food and Textiles Technology Chris Lord said: “It was a very tight competition and the judges (including ESF Executive Officer Belinda Green, members from the HK Culinary Academy, and Chef Proprietor of Bread Elements Gregoire Michaud) found it very difficult to decide on the overall winners and there was only a point between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the senior competition.   But well done to the students from Sha Tin College, who for the second year running won both sections.”

Many thanks to the sponsors Maximal Concepts who donated meal vouchers for Fish and Meat, Blue Butcher and Brickhouse, Chefworks who donated bespoke embroiled aprons and chef jackets and the Island School PTA who made up the kitchen utensil hampers.

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