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Love, lies and betrayal, an evening of original performances


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The Scottish folk tale of the Selkie the story of a sea creature that can change its skin and talk to humans was the inspiration for an evening of original works by the Future Fest Elements students on 17th June.

Artists, actors, musicians and writers lead last night’s, audience through a performance area set as a wild coastline of lobster pots and bleached wood. A narrator read the tale of the magical creatures that can stand against their hunters or make men fall in love with them. The Elements students then performed or exhibited their interpretation of the story.

Mhairi Macinnes, Head of Creativity and Curriculum Leader for Creative Arts said “Every poem, dance, scene and song was the creation of the students, it was completely their own work and I am hugely proud of them.”

“They produced some very moving pieces and showed great discipline throughout the whole process.”

Stephanie Weathington Teacher of Mathematics said; “I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice. When we first entered the Hall the students circled the audience chanting the emotions from the production and it set the tone perfectly.”
“The backlit screen dancers were very clever and a really effective way of telling a story.”

Reflecting on the production students said;  “This is better than doing a play because we are more in charge of the process and it is more our own work.”

“The Year groups are more equal because we are all working on the same thing.”

“Different sections of the story were told at different times and in different ways and the audience really had to engage with the production, seeing the story from different  angles.”

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