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Campeones at the ESF Spanish Speaking competition


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At the ESF Spanish Speaking competition Island School won bronze, silver or gold in every round they entered, coming second overall. In each round students were asked to recite a Spanish story or poem learnt by heart.

Head of European Languages Ian Hunter said: “Everyone prepared well for the competition and spoke maturely and confidently.” “Without question they did themselves and Island School proud. And a big thank you to our brilliant hosts and compares Manuel Álvarez (10F) and Noa Horowitz (11D)”

Two West Island students performed Hoy by Gloria Estefan which silenced the crowd as they listened to their superb singing and playing.

Congratulations to Discovery College and South Island School who came Frist and Third respectively.


Round Literature Speaker Award
Senior El sapo del otro charco Chun Yu Yin Silver
Junior Alma Llanera Jishnu Raychaudhuri Bronze
Partner El hombre imaginario Miyu Terashima & Jisoo Myung Gold
Group Golondrinas Michelle Wong,
Joanne Shin,
Katch Camacho,
Oorja Goel

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