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Future Education Defined Conference


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Island School’s ‘Blue Tree Green Sky’ (BTGS) is proud to announce the upcoming “Future Education Defined” Conference, to be held on Friday 21 August, 2015, from 08:00 to 15:00 at Island School.Fedxeventversion13

This event will feature some of the sharpest thinkers in the region sharing their thoughts and reflections about our shared local and global future through both individual speeches and a public forum debate.

The Speakers

“The Future of Chinese Economics” – Ross O’Brien – Director of Economist Corporate Network.

“The Future of Cities” – James Law – Founder of Cybertecture and renowned architect.

“The Future of Learning” – Ian Gilbert – a leading visionary educationalist and founder of Independent Thinking Ltd.

“Free speak: The Future of Free Speech” – Brian Wong – one of Hong Kong’s top-ranked high-school debaters and public speakers and leading debating educators.

“Fake It Till You Make It” – Bess Hepworth – a leading LGBT activist and community leader in Hong Kong.

“Too Much Is Never Enough” – Christopher Schrader – Founder of “Running to Stop the Traffick” charity.

“The Future of Service” David Begbie – Director of Crossroads.

“The Future of Law” – Paul Shieh – The Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association.

“The Future of Journalism” Eric Wishart – Former Editor-in-Chief of Agence France Presse

We would like to invite parents to join us for this very special event. To confirm your attendance email or


Gareth Stevens
Vice Principal

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