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Year 12s consider the importance of the next two years


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Y12s students were brought together to start building trust as a group and to consider the importance of the next two years during Induction Week from 17-21st Aug.

At the Gold Coast Hotel students heard from outside speakers who talked about the need to engage with their learning more independently and to balance that with looking after their wellbeing. Hence they also had a chance to relax and socialize as they tried yoga, Zumba and Tai chi. Vice Principal Mónica Gilbert-Sáez said: “This was particularly important for new students, who benefited greatly from the experience by making new friends and relaxing with their peers.”

Students had the chance to participate in a Refugee Run simulation organised by Crossroads Charity. Students engaged, for an hour, with the challenges of being refugees and the appalling conditions and circumstances in which they live day and day out.

Mrs Gilbert-Sáez said: “We plan a week of induction activities with two main objectives. Firstly we want students to make friends and feel comfortable as a group, secondly we want to build up a path that helps our Y12 students to become young principled adults.” “We want to empower them, so they can consider the future and their role in it.”

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