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Island School wins Mind over Matter Hong Kong Inter-School Quiz


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Island School beat twenty six other teams to win the first-ever Mind over Matter Hong Kong Inter-School Quiz at German Swiss International School (GSIS) on Saturday 12th Sep. They answered questions from all the disciplines including; sports, culture, science, technology and humanities.quizwinners
GSIS entered the finial with two teams but Island School emerged triumphant through eight rounds of questioning. The team members were Year 12 Arundhati Mukhenea, Casey Moser, and Kristiana Tsang.
Arundhati is quoted in the SMCP Young Post: “We had some luck. Like with: ‘Besides English, what languages does Optimus Prime speak in the Transformersmovies?’ We knew the planet was called Cybertron, so we made an educated guess and answered ‘Cybertronian’ and got it right.”
The runners-up were South Island, with GSIS taking third place.
Quizmaster Rajiv Rai from the Indian Chamber Education Trust said: “The winning Island School team was very well-rounded, they also talked to each other and communicated well.”
This event was jointly organised by The Indian Chamber Education Trust and TSol (Tvameva Solutions Overseas Limited).
Coverage of the event was reported in the SCMP Young Post and the Educational Post
Click here to read the Young Post article

Click here to see the Educational Post article

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