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A Food Lover’s Guide, A Cultural Culinary Journey


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A Food Lover’s Guide is a new recipe book created by students which takes readers on a cultural culinary journey.

The recipes from Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Africa and the Americas are a collection of dishes based on the ethnic or cultural heritage of the students taking the ‘Food Lover’s Guide to Culture’ Elements course.

The new cookbook  photographed and designed in-house is the culmination of fourteen weeks of research and development. Students study healthy fast food, organic food and breads from around the world, but what varies with each new class is the students and their cultural background.  Guest chefs and speakers are invited according to their interests, so the class had a cooking demonstration from Seema Bhatia, an experienced chef with a passion for food from Africa, India and Asia. The class also heard from two Island School teachers who talked about their own cultural food. Ms Melanie Newbie from Jamaica who cooked jerk pork and Ms Carolina Tirsina from Moldovan who baked Moldovan placintas.

Miss Chisulo said: “When I talk to people about food, I often hear wonderful stories about their favorite dishes. Many times, these stories are linked to their travel experiences, their up-bringing or even their cultural heritage. A Food Lover’s Guide to Culture, unique to Island School, harnesses these stories and turns then into a cookbook.”

A Food Lover’s Guide is available from Island School $40.

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