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Visiting Artist Ian Murphy on the How and Why of Art


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Visiting Artist Ian Murphy challenged students to think about the how and why of creating art in a one day workshop on 10th  Nov 2015. Together Artist and students worked through the process of taking an idea from a sketchbook and turning it into a large scale art piece. He demonstrated techniques for changing the surface of a page, different approaches to drawing and how considering art work in layers changes the creative process.

Murphy said; “There is no secret answer to creating good art and you don’t have to follow each stage of a process. Often when I am working I go from stage one to [stage] four and back again.”

“I encourage students to record their creative process in a corner of their sketchbook. Then they can track what worked well or badly and how they got the end result.”

Art Teacher Abby Eustace said; “Ian is an incredible artist and we are lucky to have him. He has a passion for drawing on location especially the architecture of the places he visits, these  sketchbook drawings are a catalyst for his larger pieces and it was great for students to follow the working process of a practising artist.”

Although based in the UK Ian teaches and exhibits all over the world more of his work can be seen on his website.

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