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Island School brings you Shockheaded Peter


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This winter Island School brings you ‘Shockheaded Peter’, dark and comic tales of what happens when little children don’t do as they are told.

One of the story’s narrators Anja Herrmann explains her role and what we can expect from the show on 25th and 26th November.

“Based on a book written by Heinrich Hoffmann, a 19th century German psychiatrist, ‘Shockheaded Peter’ is a series of cautionary tales, in which childish misdemeanours are horribly punished. Thumbs are chopped off, people are shot and heads are smashed together.”

“I narrate, in an operatic style, Bully Boys the last scene in the play. When Ms Welsh showed it to me before the summer, I kind of fell in love with it, I sang it during the holidays so when rehearsals started this year I already knew it. I listen to the Tiger Lillie’s [production company] version and was inspired by their falsetto style and I kind of interpreted that.”

“There is lots of nightmarish humour in ‘Shockheaded Peter’, it is scary but in a funny sort of way. It is themed like a vaudevillian puppet show, and the makeup is edging towards New Orleans’ Day of the Dead – spooky.”


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