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Student’s You Tube channel is an Elements and hobby collab!


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Tropix Cook is a new You Tube channel created by Nicole So (10R) that combines her hobby of baking with what she is learning at schooltropixcook

A budding cook Nicole explains why she decided to make films of her favorite foods.

“Since I was young I watched my parents cooking in the kitchen but after doing some Food Technology lessons at Island School I felt confident enough to do my own cooking videos.”

“I like to make sweet things. At Island School, alongside our GCSEs we do Elements Courses (non exam based courses created by the teachers). Last year I did Sweet Indulgence so I got to practice lots of baking and dessert making. This year I am doing Lords Kitchen which combines cooking skills with knowledge from restaurateurs.”

“My grandma bakes a lot so I learnt a lot from her but I also took inspiration from Pinterest and other baking websites for my Sweet Indulgence course. I decided to do more of what I love so I took what I learnt from school and built it in to my hobby. I have filmed cookies, cupcakes and jam making and next I will do Christmas themed brownies and traditional desserts.”

Click here to see Tropix Cook


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