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FuturED #2 3rd Feb 2016


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We are pleased to announce that following the success of the first event in August, Island School will be hosting FuturED#2 in February 2016. It will be an extraordinary conference that focuses on the dual themes of creativity and conscience. It will feature speakers who have either shown resilience in pursuing their creative dream or those who have risked all to act on their conscience. It will celebrate individuality and non-compromise.

We very much want this event to reach a wider audience. FuturEd A3 #2 (1)It is envisaged that many more schools will bring groups of students and that Universities and other organizations may wish to send delegates.

A very exciting line-up of speakers and performers has already been confirmed. Click here to Like it Facebook.

FuturED is a Blue Tree Green Sky event that will inspire and challenge students to think beyond the obvious. FuturED events bring together thought leaders and game changers from Hong Kong and beyond to provoke debate and stimulate thought.

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