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Shockheaded Peter Marvelous Performances of Monstrous Tales


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To a sold out house on the 25th and 26th of November Island School students performed a reworking of Henrick Hoffman’s grizzly cautionary tales, ‘Shockheaded Peter’.

The cast of 100, with Day of the Dead style costumes and make up, told nine tales of children who didn’t do as they are told – playing with matches, fidgeting at meal times, sucking their thumbs.  A huge student team ran backstage and front of house; made the amazing props, made up the cast both nights; filmed and shot the show!

Drama teacher Sophie Welsh, “These tales have haunted me since my childhood and I could not have imagined how amazing this cast and crew would be – they shocked and horrified the audience as much as they made them laugh.  The huge cast meant everyone played in the ensemble and the generosity of these performers was clear.  I am hugely proud of all the students on stage, backstage and tech crew.  None of this could have happened without the time, dedication and sheer creative brilliance of the entire team of staff from Drama, Music and English to Modern Languages, Art and Science!”

Principal Chris Binge said; “Shockheaded Peter is one of the biggest productions Island School has done in recent years with more students from different years singing and performing brilliantly and it was a true testament to the talent of students and staff at Island School!”



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