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Senior Team Maths Challenge


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At the Interschool Senior Team Maths Challenge on 26th November 20 mathsstudents from Years 10-12 had their problem solving abilities tested as the developed their team strategies and communications skills.
The competition held at Harrow International School included three rounds; group, cross number and relay.
Here is what the students said;
“Dependence inside the group is a core element of all rounds” Matthew Ling (10D)
“I found the relay round quite challenging as you need to get the answer right for the first question to be able to answer the second question successfully etc.” Matthew Wright (10W)
“In the cross number round, we had to help the other pair with their answers, but we can’t really communicate since we could only ask the other pair to do a part through the teacher. However as the round went on, we found out that it is worth sacrificing some boxes so we can move along quicker.” Angie Wong (10F)
“I think that STMC was a really great experience and I would definitely sign up for it next year.”Anthony Leung (10R)

Written by Matthew Ling (10D)

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