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Primary School Transition Days


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Year 6 students from ESF Schools were welcomed into Island School this week, as they start their transition process. The students were welcomed to school by the Presidents of the Island School Student Union Patrick McGilvray and Jenny Kang along with their team (Carol, Lulu, Cassie, Darcy, Nic, Sheryl, Daniel, Vivienne). They took the students on a tour and then helped them complete scavenger hunt clues which took them all over the school. Our senior students showed great care and interest towards the younger students and made them feel welcome.

The students then attended a music lesson where they learnt a song which they can take back to sing at their school. Mr York led the students in a DT lesson to design the tallest tower possible. They were also introduced to some of the languages and subjects that they will be able to study at Island School. The Year 6 transition process continues next week with more students visiting Island School on Monday 7th Dec.

Kate Sommerville: Senior Head of Wilberforce House with responsibility for transition and year 7.


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