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Year 12 Coffee Morning 10th Dec


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Dear Parents

The Year 12 Coffee Morning will be held on Thursday, 10th December at the Helena May, 35 Garden Road, Central, 08.30-10.30.

Matt Rappel, Pak Chan and Rebecca Lucas-Timpany will speak about issues which involve this year group. There will also be an opportunity for questions afterwards.  We encourage as many parents as possible to attend.

In order to get an estimate of attendance figures, please e-mail the PTA Manager, should you wish to attend.  No regrets are necessary, however should you find yourself able to attend on the day, please come along as you will be most welcome.

Please note that a fee of $50 is charged for refreshments, payable on the day.

There is no parking at the Helena May, but there are two drop off points for taxis at St. John’s Building (Peak Tram station) and St. Joseph’s Church.

Should you have any queries please contact the PTA Manager at the above e-mail address.

We look forward to meeting you on the 10th Dec.

Kind regards
Christine Brendle and Sonali Laul

ISPTA Co-chairs


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