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Forging Friends in Nanhai


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Students from Years 7&8 visited schools in Nanhai, near Guangzhou, to nanhaiexperience Chinese schooling and student life in general from 30th Nov – 2nd Dec. The host schools treated the group to spectacular martial arts and music shows. And the students got to know each other as they undertook artistic and physical activities together. Highlights included a treasure hunt at Xiqiao Mountain, a visit to Min Le Feihong Primary School and Nanhai Experimental Middle School. One Student said; ‘It was fun to make new friends, whom I will never forget. I learned a lot about the culture in Nanhai and hope to come back. The schools were amazing and so welcoming.’ The trip was organised by Nanhai Education Bureau who invited 90 students from ESF schools, more events like this will be planned to forge closer ties between the ESF and Nanhai schools.

Julian Reed
Curriculum Leader for Languages

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