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Refugee Focus Week 7-11th Dec


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Island School Social Justice’s second annual Refugee Focus Week is coming up soon!

Once again, we will be continuing on with our Christmas Donations for Refugee Children in HK, where we ask if you could donate presents for refugee children who are not as fortunate as us to enjoy the winter holidays.
The donation of the following goods would be greatly appreciated,

  • Small gifts (please label them with age categories so we can make sure the right child gets the present)

  • Winter clothes (please make sure these are in GOOD condition)

  • School supplies

We will be collecting donations from Monday the 7th to Thursday the 10th of December. Please drop all your donations to the hall balcony either during Long Break or before school starts. A second donation drop box will be placed in the school entrance in the mornings from 7:20 – 8:00 AM.

We will also be having a Refugee Carnival on Friday the 11th where we will be selling refugee handmade goods made in Hong Kong, as well as hosting a talk about Refugees in HK and inviting refugee drummers to share their culture with the school community.

On Friday the 11th of December we will be having a dress cultural day. To help bring awareness to all the different cultures around us we ask if you wear your own cultural clothes and bring in $20 to help support a refugee child get education. Please note that offensive or mocking costumes will not be tolerated, we are trying to spread awareness not hate.

A Cultural Food Carnival will also be held on the 9th of December where Island School Social Justice team will be creating authentic recipes sent in by refugees to sell at lunchtime, dishes include Rwandan, Iranian, Yemen and Sri Lankan etc.

Also don’t forget to write a message on our opinion board, which will be situated outside the staffroom. There will be post- it notes for everyone to post their messages throughout the week. As a community, we want to spread awareness that not everyone has the same rights as each other. The post- it notes start with the phrase “I wish everyone in the world had the right to…”. Please show your support by writing a message. We look forward to your responses!

Kate Sommerville
Senior Head of House
Wilberforce House

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