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Island School’s New Website


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Island School Chinese Website

As part of an ESF wide project to redevelop all the school’s websites Island School will be launching a new website this January.
Some schools have already ‘gone live’ with their new site (Beacon Hill, Sha Tin, South Island and Quarry Bay). All have been designed in a similar way.websiteexplaned

What’s New?
The new site has been design with new parents in mind, those soon to join the Island School community. The information on the site has been written to give new families an introduction to Island School, with explanations of our curriculum, Island School life and the redevelopment and decant plans.
New to the curriculum pages are some videos, website visitors view videos before reading a block of text so the videos will help to communicate the learning that happens at school.
Watch the videos at, Learning At IS > Curriculum.
News stories about Island School life, currently posted on the Parent Portal will be posted on the Front Page and IS News page (under Communications on the new site). The Communications pages also include a page of recently published newsletters. There is also a photo gallery page that shows what life at Island School is like, something that visitors to any site find and view within the first few minutes.
In the Footer is a feedback link – so please let us know what you think! Once the site is live we will create a Student Profile page so students can have a voice. They will be able to share their thoughts about Island School.

There are a number of online channels Island School uses for communication, please see a breakdown of how they are used below.
New Site
For new families about to join Island School, and where everyone in the Island School community can read the latest news.
Celebrating things that have happened at Island School
Teachers can post homework and information for students. Students can post information about up-coming events.
Parent Portal
Where parents can find documents and forms, a calendar of events for the school year and where they go to book Parent Consultations – business as usual information.
PTA and Alumni websites are managed by the groups themselves and includes information that helps to build the community.



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